Teacher and Student

Career Opportunities

"Fortunate to have taught in the same school and been able to drop into lessons of the Direct Instruction Hub UK for the last three years- the greatest influence on my teaching!" - T. Kidman, Avonbourne Academies

Here at the Direct Instruction Hub UK, we value the importance of an education for everyone, irrespective of their background. The underpinning philosophy of Direct Instruction is that all children can learn, and it is the responsibility of educators to make sure this happens. Our mission is to ensure that by the end of Year 8, all children are working at their age expected levels and can access a full curriculum which will in turn accelerate their learning and allow the students to flourish in the later stages of their education and beyond. Therefore, using comprehensive placement testing to identify students who arrive in Key Stage 3 below the age expected levels, these students will follow the structured Direct Instruction programme.


Consequently, to deliver the Direct Instruction programmes, staff will receive comprehensive Direct Instruction training to be able to deliver the programmes effectively and efficiently to ensure that what we deliver in the UK is of the highest quality and our students receive the absolute best. 


Currently, there are no vacancies at the Direct Instruction Hub UK.


Any speculative applications, email disouthhub@avonbourneacademy.org.uk with a cover letter and a  CV.