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"The Direct Instruction Hub UK, keep doing what you're doing. You guys are... 

You're going to change the system. Keep fighting the good fight, you are on exactly the right side of history!"

- Joe Kirby, Co-Founder of Michaela Community School, London


Welcome to the Direct Instruction Hub UK, UK's Leading specialists based in Dorset, UK.

Our role at the Direct Instruction Hub is to provide first class training for MATs and schools wishing to implement Direct Instruction and offer a range of packages. Once schools are set up, we continue to support them on their Direct Instruction journey.

We work closely with Kurt Engelmann (son of the Creator, Siegfried Engelmann) and the NIFDI team in the United States in ensuring that what we deliver in the UK is of the highest quality and we are up to date with the latest practices.

Our Direct Instruction journey began in 2017, teaching something that was completely new. After our first year of implementation, we were blown away by the positive impact Direct Instruction had on our lowest attaining students and today we share the same passion Engelmann shows in helping the most disadvantaged children. More so, than the 50 years of extensively researched scientific evidence and comprehensive trials that have led us to the complete packages we deliver today in closing the inequality gaps.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to working with you!

The Direct Instruction Hub UK


Offering support & training
on the theory and practice of Engelmann's Direct Instruction


Siegfried Engelmann 1931-2019

What is Direct Instruction?


Direct Instruction is a teaching method extensively tested and proven to turn all students into confident learners. Siegfried Engelmann, creator of Direct Instruction believed, and has proved that correctly applied DI can improve academic performance as well as behaviour. Direct Instruction gives schools a clear path to achieving.

The Direct Instruction method is based on two core principles:

1. All students can learn when taught correctly, regardless

of past history and background.

2. All teachers can be successful, given effective teaching materials and presentation techniques. Every aspect of a Direct Instruction program is designed, tested, and proven to fulfil these essential principles.​

Lessons are:

• Explicit, with purposeful instruction designed to develop skilled and confident learners.

• Intensive, allowing teachers to cover more than a year’s worth of material in a single year.

• Consistent, allowing students to focus on the material they are learning.

• Interactive, with quick pacing and group responses that keep all students engaged.

​to tackle new challenges.

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Mr. J. Heap
Headteacher, Gloucester Academy

Project Follow Through- Suzy and Kevin explained this in their excellent DI training session. Thanks to the Direct Instruction Hub UK for their time today planning for Direct Instruction training Gloucester Academy - supporting students to climb their personal mountain!


Mrs. S. Stanton
Director of Education

We've enjoyed an excellent couple of days of Direct Instruction training from Suzy and Kevin at the Direct Instruction Hub UK- the quality of training, QA, coaching and supportive follow up on offer will make a huge difference to pupils in schools across our trust. THANK YOU!


Ms. N. Rizvi
National Lead of Maths

Kevin and Suzy delivered the training with such clarity, brevity and enthusiasm. They did a great job in persuading the cynics and raising the interest for the converted. The delivery was incredibly clear and informative. I really appreciated the focus on rehearsal which got teachers up and practising their delivery. I'm very excited to see how the DI programme is implemented at Astrea Academy Trust.


The Direct Instruction Hub UK

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