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Further Reading

There is so much on the internet regarding Direct Instruction that we thought it would be a good idea to collate the readings we have found most interesting and put them in one place.

Therefore, at the Direct Instruction Hub UK we have put together a collection of articles, blogs, and recommended books that covers everything that you need to know about the thoughts of Siegfried Engelmann and how Direct Instruction works.


This library of course is a working document that we will continue to expand so it is only left to say that we hope you enjoy looking through our library at your leisure or indeed to further your own professional development. 


Sam Hall

Resistance to Direct Instruction


Delivering Scripted Instruction: A ‘Sort-Of’ Guide


Planning Scripted Instruction: A ‘Sort-Of’ Guide


DI ≠ di, and why that matters.


Anthony Radice

What we can learn from Direct Instruction about data and assessment?


Joe Kirby

Excellent overview of the theory, approach and research base that supports it.


Robert Pondiscio

The evidence base behind DI is wide ranging and robust: multiple large-scale studies have been conducted over the past fifty years, demonstrating DI’s effectiveness.

A Comparison of Spiral versus Strand Curriculum