Case Studies

"Our son is now in Year 8. He is very happy there and has made huge academic progress since he has been there. The Direct Instruction facility is amazing and my son is now working to the correct academic level in English having spent the whole of Juniors 'working below."

- Parent, Avonbourne Academies


Holding a Book

Student A 

“Thank you for believing in me and not giving up on me and just thank you for being two good teachers. Keep on helping others just like you have helped me.”

-Student A, Year 8

On entry 5.08

14.5 at the end of Year 8

“I cannot speak highly enough of Student A who is an absolutely smashing student who remained positive as he was developing his reading. In our reading sessions, Student A would always attempt to read aloud, even if the text was challenging, and would actively track while others were reading.”

- Class Tutor

Library Books

Student B 

“If it weren’t for you two, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t have been more confident and harder on myself.  Thank you.”

- Student B, Year 8

On entry 6.05

13.7 at the end of Year 8

“Student B has returned to English fully able to access the English curriculum. What an improvement! Before Direct Instruction, Student B really struggled with learning and was extremely reluctant to participate in any reading or writing activities. Now he regularly volunteers to read and enjoys sharing his written work with the class.”

- English Teacher



Student C 

“Before Direct Instruction, I was not very confident with English and Maths. Direct Instruction has helped me to understand and break down questions much easier and quicker than before. Thank you both for helping me with everything!”

- Student C, Year 8

On entry 9.05

13.0 at the end of Year 8

“Student C has returned to core Maths with a new found confidence and it more accurate with her work, eliminating silly errors’ while maintaining a good level of fluency.”

- Maths Teacher

Holding a Book

Student D 

“Thank you both for helping me with my Maths and English. I am now able to understand the work given to me in my core lessons and I enjoy learning so much more. I loved every minute of my Direct Instruction journey.”

- Student D, Year 8

On entry 7.08

13.9 at the end of Year 8

“Student D is progressing well since returning to Maths after her corrective Direct Instruction support. She is fluent in her calculation and applies these skills to tackle more complex problems. What is striking, is the strategies Student D uses to check her work to avoid making errors and maximising her performance.”

- Maths Teacher