Suzy and Kevin would like to thank everyone for their kind responses and feedback.

"I attended the DI Corrective Maths training delivered by Kevin Surrey and Suzy Wybrow. I wanted to say that it was superb! As somebody who has delivered a DI programme to pupils, I learnt so much, as well as my team who were learning about DI for the first time. 

Kevin and Suzy delivered the training with such clarity, brevity and enthusiasm. They did a great job in persuading the cynics and raising the interest for the converted. The delivery was incredibly clear and informative. I really appreciated the focus on rehearsal which got teachers up and practising their delivery. 


I'm very excited to see how the DI programme is implemented at Astrea Academy Trust, and ever so grateful that United Learning has invested so much into DI training."

- Naveen Rizvi- Astrea Trust Sheffield

"Both Kevin and Suzy were approachable and knowledgeable. Both were keen to answer questions and explained answers clearly."

- K. Brennan, Tregonwell Academy

"I thoroughly enjoyed the two day session- there is a lot to take in! I love that Suzy is readily available to contact. I want to be as able as I can to allow our students to become successful readers."

- J. Delbuono, Bulwell Academy Nottingham

"I have also visited @avonbourneTandL and seen these line ups. Anyone in a school trying to implement these should watch 'the real thing' at this school. Also watch @surrey_kevin and @suzywybrow teaching DI if you get the chance. You won't ever observe better use of lesson time."

- J. Owen, Coleridge College Cambridge

"DI Training today with @DISouthHub and @suzywybrow. It’s been insightful to see the clear impact Direct Instruction has on lower prior attaining students - excited to meet some students later to talk about their experience with the programme!"

- J. Sheehan, Nova Hreod Swindon

"Had a great time and going away brimming with ideas! Thank you for your time and support."

- N. Hadley, Turner Free School Folkstone

"Good training. Attention to detail being key. Lot's of background on its effectiveness."

- P. Platten, Bulwell Academy Nottingham

"Superb training from both Suzy and Kevin. Incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable in their field. They are keen to offer support and answered any questions that I had!"

- L. Yarrow, St. Michael's Middle, Wimborne

"Great training from the Hub. We can't wait to get started!"

-P. Mullen, Blaise High School Bristol

"Thank you for a very pleasant training course."

- M. Snell, Blaise High School Bristol

"Thank you! An excellent course delivered in a friendly and professional manner. The mix of theory, content and practical tasks were well balanced."

- S. Smits Northbridge House London

"Understand now why you need to have the DI training in order to deliver the programme."

- E. Helyer, Castle View Academy Portsmouth

"BEST training I have attended. I can't wait to get started and start seeing progress and children achieving success."

- J. Urwin, Tanfield School County Durham

"The DI training was very friendly and informative."

R, Wurburton, Kingsway Park School Rochdale

"Brilliant course. Well informed and supportive instructors. Excited to start DI in my school and see the success of our students."

- L. Shotton, Tanfield School, County Durham

"Suzy Wybrow was superb especially on the second day- couldn't have been more open in terms of offering support and guidance moving forward."

- E. Hepburn, Castle View Academy Portsmouth

"Fully enjoyed the training. I found Suzy and Kevin very knowledgeable and understanding of staff who have never accessed DI. It helped me to have the script for all steps of the misconceptions."

- V. Locke, Kingsway Park Rochdale

"I enjoyed learning the new skills and seeing how reinforcing of key facts for kids who struggle remembering facts and getting the tools to ensure that occurs within a lesson."

- O. Younge, Bacon's College London

"Was really enjoyable and learnt so much. I have never done anything like this before so thank you!"

- Y. Awada, Hurlingham Academy London

Really useful to have the chance to practice delivery on the course especially the error correction routine."

- J. Payne, Hurlingham Academy London

"I wanted to thank you for delivering the DI session for English in July and say how wonderful it was to hear how you and UL have developed the intervention to really have the potential to make a difference - I can't wait to start it with our students in Sept -Oct."

- R. Begum- The Joan Roan School London

"I would like to thank you for what you have done for my daughter. I have seen a great improvement in her use of vocabulary and using it in the correct context and she is always asking what certain words mean. I am just glad she is picking up a book."

- Parent, Avonbourne Academy Bournemouth

"Thanks so much to @suzywybrow and @surrey_kevin for two great days of training on all things DI!"

- N. Graham, Glenmoor & Winton  Academies, Bournemouth

"The power of Direct Instruction is incredible! Setting up a South East DI Hub has made such a difference to our pupils. Looking forward to seeing it grow & even more pupils benefit across primary & secondary! Thank you @chlojo_82 @suzywybrow @surrey_kevin for all your help!"

- C. Hill, Turner School Folkstone

"#TeamDI strikes again! What an amazing achievement from this student and great work from @surrey_kevin @suzywybrow @DISouthHub. Let's continue with THIS energy and determination so more students can reap results like this! #DirectInstruction #closingthegaps #learningmatters"

- McGraw Hill EMEA

"Popped into @DISouthHub @AvonbourneUL too and saw the brilliant @suzywybrow @surrey_kevin

in action with Direct Instruction - great to see it live and led by the pros!"

- K. Barrett, Holmleigh Park High Gloucester

"If you want to look into Corrective Reading I'd recommend contacting @DISouthHub@surrey_kevin and @suzywybrow

and for help sourcing books, contact Emma Chambers at McGraw Hill."

- @Missis_SCS

"Had a great day with @DISouthHub @surrey_kevin @suzywybrow for Day 1 of Direct Instruction training. Loved the opportunity to practice with the scripts and the 7 steps for error correction. Such a wonderful tool. Really looking forward  to Day 2 and more practice #engelmannsDI. Kevin & Suzy were great. Lovely, warm, welcoming and their feedback was brilliant. Check out @DISouthHub for case studies, blogs and @NIFDI for the programmes and further information. I’ll be using the Mathematics programmes. Corrective Mathematics I think it’s called."

- D. Leslie, Bell Baxter School Fife

"I think I am just really fortunate to be working with such great people all of the time and the training you both ran is some of the best I have attended, thank you both!"

- Rhiannon Rainbow, Maths Director Greenshaw Learning Trust

"Two days of excellent Direct Instruction training for our @GreenshawTrust schools, led by the wonderful @surrey_kevin and @suzywybrow Such clarity around the need to provide precise instruction and achievable steps to mastery in the classroom. @DISouthHub" It’s great to see that his legacy is in such great hands here in the UK."  

- Sean Delahoy, English Director Greenshaw Learning Trust

"Thank you for hosting two of my new colleagues! Really excited to hear all about it next week."

- @behaviour_guy

"Thank you for a very thought provoking day @suzywybrow @surrey_kevin @DISouthHub we are looking forward to becoming part of #TeamDI"

- A. Fuller, Bullwell Academy Nottingham

"So pleased that so many GLT staff are there learning from the best!"

@suzywybrow @surrey_kevin @DISouthHub

- S. Vardy, Greenshaw Learning Trust

"Brilliant day of training with @DISouthHub today, learnt so much about the course and can't wait to roll it out in September!"

- K. Barrett, Greenshaw Learning Trust

"Check out Direct Instruction @suzywybrow"


"Thank you @suzywybrow and @surrey_kevin for a fascinating couple of days. My brain definitely aches from the intensity of it all!"

- A. Minett, Parkside Community College Cambridge

"We have enjoyed our training with you @suzywybrow and @surrey_kevin

and very happy to host."

- J. Gurvidi, Trumpington Community College Cambridge

"Mind buzzing after two days of Direct Instruction training with @DISouthHub. Huge thanks to @suzywybrow and @surrey_kevin for an enjoyable and truly fascinating course. Lots to think about regarding the next stage of the @TeamFHES journey."

- Mr Newman, Farnham Heath End School Surrey

"Have a look at the work of the @DISouthHub! @suzywybrow and @surrey_kevin are incredibly helpful people to reach out to"

- S. Stanton, Advance Trust Bedford

"@DISouthHub Really insightful looking at the huge impact DI has on learners who need it the most. #equalityofopportunity #educationchangeslives"

- The Albion Academy Salford

"Thank you @suzywybrow and @surrey_kevin @DISouthHub. The Direct Instruction training was very thorough and incredibly helpful. This will hugely benefit our team and most importantly our pupils!"

- T. Norfolk, Harrop Fold Manchester

"Fantastic training day with @DISouthHub@suzywybrow and @surrey_kevindo an amazing job providing initial training. This is exactly what you need if you're implementing DI!"

- Jon Owen, Coleridge College Cambridge

" A fabulous first day of Direct Instruction. So excited to implement this at The Hyndburn Academy. Thank you @suzywybrow and @DISouthHub."

- S. Rose, The Hyndburn Academy Blackburn

"Thanks for the training last week - all the staff really enjoyed it and are excited to start implementing it asap."

- D. Boyden, The Hyndburn Academy Blackburn

"Contact the team @DISouthHub they are so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Suzy and Kevin are phenomenal trainers too! If you're serious about making a difference- this actually gets lasting results!"

- @V_engteacher, Gloucester Academy

"So far, a great morning at the @DISouthHub with Kevin and Suzy. Excited to keep learning more about the positive impact Direct Instruction has on our learners!"

- L. Sloane, Avonwood Primary Bournemouth

"Thank you so much for the fantastic session on Friday, it was brilliant."

- E. Gaisford, Paddington Academy London

"Thank you so much to you and Kevin for all your support and helpful CPD on Thursday."

- L. Dhoomun, Walthamstow Academy London

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the session today. I thought I was smashing the DI teaching, but there was so much I didn't know! Looking forward to returning after Easter and putting this into practice. Without sounding too gushy, I absolutely love teaching DI. I have been teaching English for twenty years, HoD for almost half of that, and I can honestly say I haven't bought into anything as much as I do DI. Thanks again for all the support!"

- Miss Symons, Carter Community Poole

"@suzycudapas and @surrey_kevin do some amazing work with Engelmann’s programmes in schools"

- Sam Hall, @Up_Learn

"Absolutely lovely to talk to you both - a huge thank you for your support, encouragement and guidance!"

- @advschools

"Thank you so much for the inspiring training last week."

- Mr Raleigh, Thurstable School Colchester


"A big thank you, to Suzy & Kevin! Very well delivered session."

- Mr Williams, Coleridge Community College Cambridge

"Fab session with the awesome @suzycudapas and @surrey_kevin, looking forward to our virtual start!"

- S. Kelly, Gloucester Academy

"I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for your support and how much this has helped setting up DI remotely in school. This is actually the first time we've EVER delivered DI, not just online but a first in all respects."

- N. Hadley, Turners School Folkstone

"Just to say a huge thank you for your support ahead of our OFSTED inspection today. You really instilled a great deal of confidence in me and luckily the Direct Instruction programme and the work we are doing related to it went down very well with the Inspector. I also found the CPD session really useful and now feel more empowered to better support my DI teachers! Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you both again in March!"

- Z. Hanif, John Smeaton Academy Leeds

"A great DI session. Thanks so much @surrey_kevin and @suzycudapas @DISouthHub!"

- Amy, Tanfield School County Durham

"Suzy, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me watch your remote lesson today. It was very useful to see all your tips in action!"

- S. Rawlins, Swindon Academy

"Just wanted to say that the delivering DI online session last week was incredibly  useful. I’m currently waiting on my books to arrive for the students, but have plucked up the courage to try to replicate our lessons remotely.

Individual turns definitely works, the engagement is brilliant and the students are getting the deal that they deserve."

- A. Sleight, Lambeth Academy London

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the informative and useful session yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

And thanks for the resources too."

- Claire, Carter Community School Poole

"A big thank you to @suzycudapas and @surrey_kevin from @DISouthHub for being so generous with their time, advising us on taking our DI delivery online. I know so many of our students will benefit and we are all very grateful."

- N. Bell, Bedford Free School

"Excellent @DISouthHub webinar today 14th January 2021 with pragmatic tips for delivering live online DI lessons. Critical for these students: practice+relax, teacher/student game (beat the teacher!), Systematic Individual turns, Say the fact, Cognitive Routine and 6 Error Steps"

- R. Tutt, United Learning

"Amazing to see @DISouthHub delivering @NIFDI Direct Instruction via #remotelearning for students up and down the UK. It's an uncertain time for teachers and schools right now and we are working closely with @suzycudapas and @surrey_kevin to support as much as we can. Watch this space!"

- McGraw Hill EMEA

"Got annihilated by my Year 8 and 9 DI class today in the teacher/student game, what brilliant focus they had! Live lessons and on a Friday! @DISouthHub"

- K. Heaver, Avonbourne Academies Bourneouth

"Highlight of the day was being on duty and seeing students come round holding their certificates showing everyone (students and staff) they could see. Reading ability (tick) Numeracy ability (tick) Confidence (tick) A life changing programme!"

- @t_kidman

"Another week of remote learning going well. The provision from @AvonbourneUL has been fantastic. So impressed with @DISouthHub maths lessons my child is receiving."

- Parent, Avonbourne Academies

"Really excited that we are managing to get our @NIFDI Engelmann Direct Instruction lessons shifted to online live lessons @unitedlearning. The @DISouthHub provide guidance and support #gapbusting"

- Regional Director, United Learning

"A fantastic two day training with Suzy and Kevin from @DISouthHub. I am so excited to begin this journey! Thank you for everything! #TeamDI"

- Miss Woonton, Tanfield School County Durham

"Excited for DI training at Emmanuel Middle School @TrustWimborne on 24/25 September 2020 with Suzy and Kevin @DISouthHub"

- B. Boyes, Wimborne Trust

"Brilliant programme of intervention, loved the training! Super excited to start delivering in September #TeamDI @DISouthHub with Suzy and Kevin" 

- S. Kelly, Gloucester Academy

"Really good to see effective local MAT collaboration with Suzy and Kevin from the @DISouthHub based @AvonbourneUL, providing Engelmann Direct Instruction training to colleagues from @BudmouthAcademy @AllSaints_Wyke and @Wey_Valley last week"

- R. Tutt, United Learning

"Project Follow Through- Great thread- just like Suzy and Kevin explained in their excellent DI training session @DISouthHub"

- J. Heap, Gloucester Academy

"It was so fantastic to meet Kevin and Suzy from the @DISouthHub this week! We were so lucky to receive such excellent DI training for @SwindonAcademy1 and @NovaHreodUL and we are excited to continue our journey with DI @UnitedLearning. Thank you!"

- K. Hendra, Swindon Academy

"The feedback I've heard from the @NovaHreodUL staff has been really positive. Thank you for the training @DISouthHub"- Nick, Head at Nova Hreod Academy Swindon

"Really looking forward to meeting Kevin and completing the @DISouthHub training"

- Orchard Park High Croydon

"I watched your excellent @DISouthHub Webinar on the 10th November 2020"

- Dr Solity, Optimapsychology

"Our students and staff are incredibly fortunate to have access to Direct instructions programme here @AvonbourneUL"

- Avonbourne Academies, T&L

"Huge thanks to Suzy and Kevin from @DISouthHub for their input to a busy day here @EmmanuelMiddle. Looking forward to day 2"

- R. Christopher Emmanuel Middle School, Verwood

"I had an hours catch up with the @UnitedLearning Direct Instruction superstars, Suzy and Kevin @DISouthHub. Inspired. My classroom practice has changed permanently after 1 hour with these guys. Blessed. DI- there's fruit for every child & teacher"- @Behaviour_Guy

"Have been hearing wonderful things about the high quality training and support of Kevin and Suzy @DISouthHub that took place with the Maths Team @Bedsfreeschool today!"

- S. Stanton, @advschools

"So excited to be welcoming Suzy and Kevin to our school today- our journey with Direct Instruction continues!"

- R. Ashbee, Telford Park Academy


"Effective and efficient'. For those starting KS3 not where they should be, DI with Kevin @DISouthHub"

- Mandy, Maths at Avonbourne Academies Bournemouth


"Explicit and Direct Instruction blogs by @Tom_Needham_ @DITrainingHub and @DISouthHub- super helpful people!"

- Joe, Sheffield


"I would suggest speaking to @DISouthHub about good DI Maths intervention programme such as Connecting Maths Concept"

- Naveen Rizvi, United learning


"A huge thank you to Suzy and Kevin @DISouthHub for their engaging Intro to DI Webinar, a great resource that can help teachers bridge the attainment gap and give learners the best chance to excel"

- McGraw Hill, UK


"Fortunate to have taught in the same school and been able to drop into lessons of @DISouthHub for the last three years- the greatest influence on my teaching!"

- T. Kidman, Avonbourne Academies Bournemouth


"Really enjoyed the DI training today- thank you to @DISouthHub for a fantastic day with lots to reflect on. Now I can't stop clicking my fingers"

- N. Barr, Avonbourne Academies Bournemouth


"Suzy is your person for explicit instruction in English!"

- @MisterK23580


"We are very excited for this year! Looking forward to working with you!"

- P. Dallyn, The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys, Dubai


"Day 1 of Direct Instruction training done, Kevin @DISouthHub you were inspiring. Suzy you were missed!"

- S. Vardy, Greenshaw Trust


"Really excited to welcome Suzy and Kevin to Kents Hill Park for full day of DI training"

- Mr Pilgrim, Kents Hill Park Milton Keynes

"Thanks for having me this afternoon Suzy and Kevin @DISouthHub- really enjoyed seeing the DI pros in action!"

- D. Hawkins, Glenmoor and Winton Academies Bournemouth

"Thank you for a great couple of days! All of us have come away really enthused and keen to get started!"

- Mr Griffiths, Christ's College Guildford

"A great day learning about Direct Instruction and Engelmann's' principles. I am hoping to incorporate these techniques when delivering the exam unit of the OCR Sports Science course. Thank you Suzy and Kevin @DISouthHub"

- R. Goldsmith, Avonbourne Academies Bournemouth

"Thank you Kevin and Suzy, so glad we came to visit you @AvonbourneUL- can't wait to start DI"

- Wimborne Trust

"Proud to have the @UnitedLearning Direct Instruction Hub based on site @AvonbourneUL! A fantastic opportunity for schools looking for support and training on theory and practice of Direct Instruction"

- Avonbourne Academies Bournemouth

"Thanks to Suzy and Kevin for their time today planning for DI training @GloucsAcademy- supporting students to climb their personal mountain!"

- J. Heap, Greenshaw Trust

"Suzy Cudapas and Kevin Surrey are experienced DI Lead Practitioners. If you've not been to see them delivering the Maths and English programmes then go and visit. Their energy is infectious."

- C. Saunders, St. Martins

"Feel very fortunate to have witnessed the life changing results of DI. As tutor I saw these students' confidence and self-esteem grow massively as a result of this programme (in addition to their basic numeracy and reading). The gaps were closed!"

- T. Kidman, Avonbourne Academies Bournemouth

“During the time that I have worked with Suzy and Kevin I am struck by their positivity and enthusiasm for delivering Direct Instruction, seeing the results and most importantly their sheer happiness at the confidence that DI gives their students in each lesson.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and I really look forward to continuing to work with them to help others their DI journey."

- E. Chambers, McGraw Hill

"Just had the pleasure of watching Suzy Cudapas doing the Engelmann Direct Instruction corrective reading programme with some of our Y7s. Brilliant! Let's watch those gaps start to close. DI Hubs are the future"

- M. Adams, Magna Academy Poole

"The DI South team, Kevin and Suzy have gone from strength to strength, driving the department to absolute excellence in 18 months. So honoured to be a part of their journey"

- Midland Hub, St. Martins Leicestershire

"I went to see one of Suzy Cudapas' lessons; really incredible. Nothing was left to chance and students really responded to the instant feedback" 

- J. Kendle, KS5 English Lead, Avonbourne Academies Bournemouth